Why Network Marketing Makes Sense

Why network marketing? This is a question I have been asked many times since entering the industry. I find that there are many misconceptions about multi level marketing as a whole, often fueled by bad experiences with overzealous friends, family and co-workers. In spite of these things, I think it is important to step back from the emotional and look at this business model objectively.Why Network Marketing? Directing Your FutureThe first reason why network marketing makes sense is the opportunity to control your future. There are many angles through which to view this benefit. For those that make multi level marketing their “full-time” profession, this model of business affords the opportunity to determine how and where an individual spends the hours of their day. If a person wants to work normal office hours they can, but many choose to work hours that accommodate their lifestyle. Some work late into the night, while other work early in the morning and all points in between. Another benefit is the ability to choose who you work with. How many of us have had “difficult” co-workers that we were helpless to do anything about. In network marketing you ultimately determine who joins your team and the amount of contact you have with an individual. Being able to strategically choose those with whom you have a working relationship is definitely far more desirable than simply dealing with the hand that you have been dealt.Why Network Marketing? Unlimited PotentialThe second reason why network marketing makes sense is the unlimited potential of your business. No one sets your salary or determines whether or not you deserve a raise this year. Your compensation is tied directly to your performance. When your business produces, you get paid. Now when you couple that with the ability to build a team who is working towards the same objective as you, the opportunities are simply amazing. The fact that you have a team working together, makes the business model even sweeter. Unlike traditional sales where your compensation is based on your efforts and your efforts alone, a network marketing business allows you to benefit from your efforts and the efforts of the team.The third reason why network marketing makes sense is the low cost of starting this type of business. It is no secret that going into business for yourself does involve a certain degree of risk. This is one of the reasons why so few people make the entrepreneurial leap. When you consider that the starting cost of a multi level marketing business is typically five hundred dollars or less and you compare that to a typical franchise cost which can cost tens of thousands of dollars on up to millions of dollars, once again the network marketing model makes sense. There is high potential for gain, but the risk of loss is minimal. With the ability to operate most home businesses online these days, a person could run a thriving business with little ongoing monthly expense.The final reason why network marketing makes sense is the uncertainty of traditional employment. Many people have learned through painful experiences that the jobs they thought would be around for years to come have simply evaporated. The days of finding a high paying job that you could remain at for 25-30 years are mostly gone. People are finding themselves downsized and outsourced out of gainful employment. Job skills that were once highly sought after are now no longer in demand. A network marketing business creates an opportunity for the individual in which their skill sets will never be no longer needed or outsourced because they can be done at a cheaper rate. Job security is simply based on the continual productivity of the individual and their business team.These are just a few of the reasons why network marketing makes sense for someone looking to take hold of their future.