Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center Review

The History

The Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center was founded in January of 2008 by seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert Gerald Van Yerxa. Yerxa, owner of ConAsia Global Internet, founded the center with a vision to empower individuals and businesses with the education and resources necessary to leverage the Internet for success.

Originally, called Big Ticket To Wealth, the company focused its energy on providing an income opportunity for individuals who had a desire to make money online. Over the first, almost three years, the company has grown into a powerhouse of education and mentoring. Such that the Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center, is attracting students from all business industries not just those looking to make extra money online.

The MMACC, for short is still solely owned and operated by ConAsia Global Internet. The name change, effective September or 2010, represents the core mission and company vision.

The Product

As stated above, the MMACC’s vision is to empower people and business with Internet marketing education, mentoring and coaching. The core product is a powerful lifetime membership mentoring program that allows the student access to archived and live mentoring trainings and coaching sessions.

Currently, the company has over 700 hours of archived training and education, three live mentoring sessions each week and a library of resources to equip the members of the center with the resources necessary to create success in their businesses and lives.

The USP (unique selling proposition) the Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center offers is the fact that it is an on going up to date marketing program. This means that the education available to the student is always current and changes with the ever growing trends and fluctuations with Internet marketing.

In contrast to other programs, where you have to buy a new course each time something new is introduced, the MMACC will always update it’s mentoring with “what’s working now” education for no extra charge. This foundational practice, stays true to Gerald Van Yerxa’s vision and mission to always offer the most cutting edge and powerful marketing education available online.

The Opportunity

In addition to the education, the Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center offers a lucrative and powerful direct sales opportunity. The opportunity offers a global in demand business and product fueled by a state of the art marketing system.

Students of the center, are given the exclusive international affiliate rights to market the program around the world. The power behind this business model is driven by several factors. First, it is 100% online and can be accessed from around the world immediately. Second, the demand for the product transcends all cultures, industries and spans the globe. Third, the compensation structure allows for very lucrative direct sales commissions as well as it incorporates team leverage as a two tier affiliate.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in learning how to successfully leverage the Internet and are seeking mentoring and coaching, the Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center is right for you. Not only will you have access to training and mentoring from the company, you will be assigned a direct mentor who is there to help you create success in your business.

Understanding Direct Marketing Definition To Increase Business

Businesses are always seeking to increase their sales via advertising. It can be an effective tool for such a purpose. But what exactly is the direct marketing definition? Direct marketing is a type of advertising that speaks directly to customers. Such techniques can include things like catalogs, traditional fliers, phone calls and e-mails. Something like TV or newspaper ads are not considered direct because you really have no idea how many people see or respond to any of those ads.Such advertising has many benefits. It is cheaper than other advertising methods such as expensive radio or TV spots. The cost of e-mailing hundreds of people is negligible. It also it somewhat easy to measure a response. If you for example you send 500 fliers and get 50 interested people you know that you have a 10% response rate.Direct marketing definition and successful techniques can differ on who you ask. Some companies prefer not to use certain kinds of direct marketing like telemarketing because it is irritating to many consumers. Less invasive measures like mailings are often preferred.Now that you know the direct marketing definition you can decide if it is right for your business. It is very affordable and can reach a lot of clients. It is also simple to gauge the success of such a marketing campaign. How are people going to know about your business unless you get the word out? Advertise and target single consumers so you can measure the reaction such advertising brings. For more information on direct mail check out offline arbitrage review

Using Unconventional Marketing Tips To Beat Your Competitors

If you didn’t already notice, competitors are all around you. But to differentiate yourself from these competitors, you have to things that are a bit unconventional. If you’re currently running a full page yellow pages ad that includes your family portrait, I’m willing to bet that you can be better results from your efforts by simply using direct response marketing.Direct response is something that a lot business owners don’t quite understand, but for those who do use it, they’re seeing far better results than those who are using graphic intensive ads. Why is this true? Well because no matter the medium, people are looking for the same thing. You could put your marketing message on a telephone pole and it would still work for you.Obviously you don’t to advertise on a telephone pole. But it bares a lesson that is worth mentioning. You see if you have the message to market match between your list and your offer, you’ll stand the chance of having a marketing plan that is crazy lucrative – even if it’s on a telephone pole..The people that you don’t want to consider when marketing your products and services are the tire kickers. These are the people who will waste your time, and will cause you to lose money and time from dealing with them. People like this is hard to find, but one indication that they’re a tire kicker is that they ask you 101 questions before purchasing your product.The prospects who are serious simply walks into your store, find what they are looking for, buy, and then exits the store. Which kind of customer would you rather have on in your customer database? The answer should be clear, but before you rule out a tire ticker, question them to see what they’re motive is, and make the decision as to whether or not you should consider pursuing them as a marketing target.You will get all kinds of different people coming into your business on a daily basis, and it’s important that you get these people email and names, and start marketing to them automatically on a daily basis. This is the best way to go about marketing your business, and you will put one of your business aspects on autopilot.To survive in your business, you have to have a strong marketing plan to turn lookers into buyers. And the best way to do this is by offering some free information. Free information will delve more into the product that they’re having, and how you can help them out in their lives.Consider offering free reports, free consultations, free samples, a free x-ray, and etc. The options are endless when it comes to making more money on the internet than you ever thought possible.These techniques for making your business grow is something that you can use to take your business to the next level – so I highly advise you use these techniques to have the kind of success that you dream of.Good luck with using these tips to have the kind of business success that you dream of.