8 Offline Marketing Ideas That Could Bring In Revenue To Your Online Business

Before businesses converted to online marketing, the bread and butter marketing and advertising techniques are mostly focused on traditional marketing or what is not called as offline marketing. These 8 offline marketing ideas have been around for years and have been proven time and again to bring in revenue to any business whenever they are well-placed and well-timed.

Classified ads
Ad placing on any local or national newspapers – if your pockets could afford that – can give your website traffic or sales a really good boost. How? Apparently, people still read newspapers and trust the things they read on print media. And with this same level of trust, people view newspaper ads as something that they can be confident about. Online businesses that have placed ads on newspapers have benefited from the great advertising rates of this medium.

Flyers and Posters
There’s a good reason why small and large companies alike still use flyers as part of their marketing campaigns. They work and they work really well. Place flyers somewhere with good traffic and watch as traffic get diverted to your website.

Direct Mail
The offline version of opt-in email listing and email marketing, offline direct mail is a marketing method that directly contacts individual and inform them of your website’s presence. When done consistently and with good email pieces, this strategy can help with brand awareness. This may even result to instant sales.

While this could turn out to be quite expensive, infomercials are actually very effective means to enhance brand awareness and to increase market reach. Since most infomercials run consistently over a long period of time, these often allow for some curiosity on the part of viewers. If you don’t have enough budget for infomercials, try group advertising. This will spread the cost between you and your partners.

Business Cards
These are possibly the least expensive of all marketing strategies. Give your business cards to anyone you meet and leave them anywhere you go. The results may not be instantaneous, but in time, your cards could bring in revenue for your online business.

Give Free Information
If you are an expert in a field relevant to your business, you could try to be a free learning resource. You could do this by holding a free offline class. Radio and TV shows are also good mediums as these could reach a wider spectrum of audience. If you can, try to get an interview over the radio or on a TV show.

Freebies and Giveaways
Giving away promotional items is still alive and well. Next to business cards, this strategy is probably the second least expensive. The cost of this offline marketing strategy could run up to a few hundred dollars or more though if you’re giving away expensive free items.

Network with Other Local Business Owners
The chamber of commerce as well as other local business associations are powerful tools to expand your network. Connections mean better opportunities. Try to get as many connection as you can by attending local business owners meetings and conferences.

Veterinary Marketing Should Begin With Direct Mail

How many of us have placed ads in the local paper, bought air time on the talk radio station or set up a booth at a local event simply because some local rep showed up at our office and told us how great it would be for our practice? Cut to a week or a month later and we fall back to reality wondering what went wrong. Our time & hard earned money had been wasted and we are right back where we were, minus the optimism. I know I have been the main character in this scenario more times than I’d like to remember! But that is all part of learning and, after one to many such situations, I finally said “enough” and decided to learn how to market! Now I want to show you how to bypass such mistakes and actually make money from your marketing efforts! This article will get you started toward that end result!

While there is more to marketing than just where you place an ad, here we are only going to speak about the method of getting a message to a prospective client. While I can now say with certainty that the message I was putting out to the public back then was just as wrong as the methods I chose, even the perfect message won’t work if its not delivered to the right targets in the right way and so that is where we are going to start.

There are only three marketing outlets that should be considered by any Veterinary Practice wishing to gain more clients. And these three methods should prove their worth before moving in to any other methods, if it even becomes necessary to do so! The three methods I speak of are: 1) Yellow Pages advertising, 2) Targeted Coupon Books/Mailers such as Val-Pak & 3) DIRECT MAIL. And, while I wholeheartedly believe that every practice must be in the Yellow Pages, if I could only choose ONE of these options, it would be DIRECT MAIL. Here are some of the benefits of Direct Mail:

* Direct Mail allows you to target your ideal clients specifically so you can place the exact message that you want them to see right into their hands! Compare this to hoping that your ideal client sees your TV spot or newspaper ad. That is powerful!

* Direct Mail is not limited by those rules & restrictions that the other advertisers place on you. Your Direct Mail piece can be a postcard or it can be a 20 page letter, depending upon what it is you are hoping to say to your prospect. You can include as much information, as many photos, as many testimonials, etc as you like. No one is going to tell you an image is too large or your font is too large. If you can afford to mail it (and it’s legal!) you can do it!

* Your Direct Mail piece can be made”lumpy” by including a gift in the envelope. This piques your prospect’s interest and increases the likelihood of your piece being opened & read! Examples include a toothbrush to promote dental month or a “tick twister” during tick season.

* If you are on a limited budget, you can mail as little as ONE LETTER. When you save up for that next stamp (or, preferably, after that first prospect takes you up on your offer, which we will cover in a future post, and your budget has increased exponentially), you can mail as many more pieces as you can afford as often as you can afford to do so! This rotating mailing schedule allows you to take action IMMEDIATELY rather than waiting around for enough clients to magically join your practice so you can finally afford to sign up for that Yellow Pages ad (and the monthly fee that comes with it).

As your practice grows as a result of your mailings you can decide whether you set up a monthly mailing schedule or continue to rotate your pieces weekly or even daily so your responses come in more consistently rather than in “waves”. There is no right or wrong answer and YOUR Direct Mail Plan depends entirely upon YOUR schedule, goals & budget rather than those of that local advertising rep who, in most cases, is nothing more than a sales rep (rather than an ad rep) in the first place.

That is it for now! Next time we will get started on WHO your target market is and show you how to find them & get your message to them! Email any comments or questions to [email protected] & thanks for reading!

Why You Should Use Direct Response Advertising

When advertising your products and services, you have to write as if you are talking 1-to-1 with your prospect. You only have a few seconds to convince your passing reader that your message is for them, so you will want to make it worthwhile. Never produce advertising that is boring. Your goal should be to create advertising that works and that is it.

Could you imagine if you were advertising on TV and you only had a few moments to get your sales message across? Well guess what, you face the same pressure when you advertising online, in newspapers, and in magazines. It’s the job of your ad to convince a busy prospect that your ad is worth paying attention to – and this is not an easy thing to do.

You should know that the money that you invest in advertising could easily cost you a fortune. So you should try your best to make your advertising effective and work for you. Do yourself a favor and take a look at your ads, your headlines, your website, and even your direct mail pieces – does it look and sound like a lot of the other ads that you see?

Are you advertising your accolades instead of what’s in it for the prospect? Is your ads making the same promises as everyone else? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then you should revamp and re-evaluate your advertising pieces. Just because you see a lot of other business advertising their brand and company name, that doesn’t make it the best way of marketing your business.

A lot of businesses online and offline lose a lot of money simply because they advertise via traditional means. You don’t have to do the same and experience the same fate of these businesses. When you implement traditional ways of advertising, you set yourself up to lose tons of customers because of it. If you can find a way to try something different, then you will be one of the many people who can prosper in this economy.

If you do what you’ve always done when it comes to advertising, you will get the same results. It’s time to try something newer and better and that is more effective for your bottom line. This solution is direct response advertising. With direct response, your results are measurable and can be tracked. You’ll have an accountable measurement of how many sales you are getting and will be able to see how well your ads are performing.

With a predictable way of tracking your results you can lose. In all of your advertising, your goal should be to generate some sort of response. Don’t advertise just to get your name out there because this is an ineffective way of going about things. Instead, lead a prospect to your website or to a 1-800 number where they can call for more information.

With this way of advertising, you’ll know whether or not your advertising is working for you and if you need to change anything. Always use a testable and predictable means of advertising as it’s the best way to market your business. Good luck.