Marketing Ideas and Interactive Marketing Products For Direct Mail

Response rates generated by promotional pop-up mailers are known to be far in excess of those created by bog-standard leaflets and flyers but what is it about pop-up mailers that make them such a success as direct mailing pieces? The answer lies in one word and that word is “interactive”. Here are some suggestions and ideas for interactive marketing products but first, I should perhaps try to define what I mean by interactive.

“Interactive” is one of those new words that is used a lot in marketing but what exactly is an interactive mailer or interactive marketing product? Let’s try this for an explanation – once the user has opened the promotional mailing pack and has experienced the surprise of the pop-up, the next thing to happen, almost inevitably, is that the pop-up mailer is put back in the pack and the user does it all over again! After that the pop-up mailer is put back in the pack once again and passed to an unsuspecting colleague. When I refer to promotional pop-ups as interactive mailers, that’s what I mean.

Pop-up mailers have a combination of positive attributes that are not always present in standard promotional print. Let’s look at automatic pop-up products as an example. Powered by rubber bands, the various pop-up items all bring with them the element of surprise which inevitably leads to laughter – so they are fun products. That fact alone already puts pop-up mailers higher up the league table that an A4 flyer.

However, not all interactive mailers have a pop-up action – but they still make very successful direct mail pieces. In these instances the interaction might be different but nonetheless, the reader will perform a level interaction with the marketing product which will make a very significant contribution to the success of the campaign.

There are many types of interactive mailers and each has something different to offer that gives them that something extra. It might be the fact that the product has a long desk top life such as promotional penholders, pen pots and desk tidies which stay on desktops for absolutely ages giving your message a very long exposure indeed. Cardboard-engineered pen pots are supplied flat in a size suitable to fit standard envelopes and are erected by one simple interactive push-up action that makes them a popular choice as a promotional mailer.

It could be that the movement fits perfectly with an advertising message. Take interactive marketing products that turn, for example. I don’t think that enough use is made of the humble eyelet in the design of promotional marketing products. The simple task of eyeletting can add car wheels that turn, steering wheels, turning hands on a clock, items that spin such as propellers – all kinds of things – and each with an interactive turning movement.

Another type of mailer has an interactive movement that makes pictures change. These promotional advertising products are known as dissolvers and are heaven-sent for a multitude of advertisers. The old classic theme of “before” and “after” pictures is brought up-to-date by these tremendously interactive advertising products. Absolutely everything is down to the smooth way in which, by the simple interactive pull of a card, the picture at the focus of all your attention changes from one scene to another.

Or how about interactive marketing products that jump. Promotional products in the “Jack in a box” or “Crackerjack” style offer much more of a surprise than you would ever imagine from the size of the pack. They have a very high and instant impact and are very successful at drawing attention to any campaign. Even when the person opening the pack knows exactly what is going to happen next you will see that they open the pack with some trepidation – being wary of the crackerjack effect.

Assuming that the advertising and marketing agencies have done their jobs well and assuming that the direct marketing team are sending the interactive mailer only to serious business-to-business sales prospects then you have a winning formula for a successful promotional mailing campaign.

Veterinary Marketing Should Begin With Direct Mail

How many of us have placed ads in the local paper, bought air time on the talk radio station or set up a booth at a local event simply because some local rep showed up at our office and told us how great it would be for our practice? Cut to a week or a month later and we fall back to reality wondering what went wrong. Our time & hard earned money had been wasted and we are right back where we were, minus the optimism. I know I have been the main character in this scenario more times than I’d like to remember! But that is all part of learning and, after one to many such situations, I finally said “enough” and decided to learn how to market! Now I want to show you how to bypass such mistakes and actually make money from your marketing efforts! This article will get you started toward that end result!

While there is more to marketing than just where you place an ad, here we are only going to speak about the method of getting a message to a prospective client. While I can now say with certainty that the message I was putting out to the public back then was just as wrong as the methods I chose, even the perfect message won’t work if its not delivered to the right targets in the right way and so that is where we are going to start.

There are only three marketing outlets that should be considered by any Veterinary Practice wishing to gain more clients. And these three methods should prove their worth before moving in to any other methods, if it even becomes necessary to do so! The three methods I speak of are: 1) Yellow Pages advertising, 2) Targeted Coupon Books/Mailers such as Val-Pak & 3) DIRECT MAIL. And, while I wholeheartedly believe that every practice must be in the Yellow Pages, if I could only choose ONE of these options, it would be DIRECT MAIL. Here are some of the benefits of Direct Mail:

* Direct Mail allows you to target your ideal clients specifically so you can place the exact message that you want them to see right into their hands! Compare this to hoping that your ideal client sees your TV spot or newspaper ad. That is powerful!

* Direct Mail is not limited by those rules & restrictions that the other advertisers place on you. Your Direct Mail piece can be a postcard or it can be a 20 page letter, depending upon what it is you are hoping to say to your prospect. You can include as much information, as many photos, as many testimonials, etc as you like. No one is going to tell you an image is too large or your font is too large. If you can afford to mail it (and it’s legal!) you can do it!

* Your Direct Mail piece can be made”lumpy” by including a gift in the envelope. This piques your prospect’s interest and increases the likelihood of your piece being opened & read! Examples include a toothbrush to promote dental month or a “tick twister” during tick season.

* If you are on a limited budget, you can mail as little as ONE LETTER. When you save up for that next stamp (or, preferably, after that first prospect takes you up on your offer, which we will cover in a future post, and your budget has increased exponentially), you can mail as many more pieces as you can afford as often as you can afford to do so! This rotating mailing schedule allows you to take action IMMEDIATELY rather than waiting around for enough clients to magically join your practice so you can finally afford to sign up for that Yellow Pages ad (and the monthly fee that comes with it).

As your practice grows as a result of your mailings you can decide whether you set up a monthly mailing schedule or continue to rotate your pieces weekly or even daily so your responses come in more consistently rather than in “waves”. There is no right or wrong answer and YOUR Direct Mail Plan depends entirely upon YOUR schedule, goals & budget rather than those of that local advertising rep who, in most cases, is nothing more than a sales rep (rather than an ad rep) in the first place.

That is it for now! Next time we will get started on WHO your target market is and show you how to find them & get your message to them! Email any comments or questions to [email protected] & thanks for reading!

Direct Sales – Something You Can Do

The internet community is growing bigger in everyday. More and more people are exploring the possibilities online. This is why it is crucial to make the most out of your internet business. Consider your options properly, like whether or not to conduct direct sales for the home business.

Having a Successful Internet Business

When it comes to home businesses, the first thing that people think of would be Direct Sales or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) businesses. These are effective ways to take the first step into reaching your dream to be successful in the profit generation venture.

One aspect that attracts people to these strategies is the opportunity to come up with the business with relatively minimal expenses. In some cases, a few hundred dollars can go a long way with this strategy. Compare that to the burden of collecting thousands of dollars if you will depend on getting a franchise to start a business. That is a considerable difference that you should not ignore easily.

Direct Sales Option for the Home Business

Taking into account the points above, doing internet business in that way can be very promising. It is best to keep in mind that the Direct Sales option can be the best way to jumpstart the entrepreneurship. This is the method that can give instant results to your efforts.

People who want to get higher profits in a relatively short time can very well use the direct sales services. Thus, it can be very useful for people who are not expecting to work for the long-term.

Are there people who only want the income for the short-term? Some individuals may find themselves in a transitional phase, like moving from one job to another. During the hiatus, the direct sales program can provide good income. Some who can only get short breaks from their jobs can also benefit here.

However, long-term thinking people need not ignore the direct sales option. This can also be utilized by people who plan for a long-running business so that they can enjoy the best of both worlds. It always pays to have instant payouts as you prepare for the long-term income.

Doing Direct Sales Services

It is best to access a direct sales program to put the plan into action. There are many programs available online that you can review for your direct sales option. Then you can conduct your direct sales strategy. The payout is given whenever a new client buys or avails of a package. This results to a larger percentage on your part and this is credited to you right away.

In this regard, take into account that to have commitment here. The way to get that desired result is to invest on a reputable program that buyers will definitely access and purchase from. Keep in mind that you cannot do this half-heartedly. Just consider the huge amount of returns that you will get. That should be enough to make you give your all in your first try.


People who want to be their own boss can start an internet business to jumpstart a profit-making endeavor. It is good to know that there are good options offered online. Be sure to review the different strategies available and evaluate each according to your needs and goals. Just like direct sales marketing services. This is definitely one approach you will not ignore.