Internet Marketing Essentials – Seven Things You Should Know

One of the biggest “rookie” mistakes of people new to this industry is that they jump in, head first, without fully understanding the Internet marketing essentials. These essentials represent some of the foundations that, when adopted, lay the foundation for Internet marketing success.

According to the Direct Selling Association, there were almost 63 million people selling directly to the public across the globe. While this huge number does not represent the actual number of those inhabiting the Internet marketing landscape, it is a good ballpark figure for establishing its overall size. With this in mind, it is easy to see why so many Internet Marketers have a hard time being heard above their competition.

For those who want to establish an Internet marketing company that is successful from early on, there are a few essentials to understand. Below are seven statements veteran Internet marketers accept as true-isms and guiding principles.

1. You will work harder than you ever thought you would. While the Direct Selling Association notes that only 12% of Internet marketers work more than 20 hours per week, they do not tell you that small percentage are the ones with the greatest income potential. This is especially true when first starting your business.

2. Do not go it alone. While you can start an Internet marketing company on your own, it is not recommended. There are so many different things to know and learn and great tips to be shared. You will not be as successful if you do not seek out an Internet marketing system and a mentor to help you maximize your efforts.

3. You are the product. As an Internet marketer, you are selling your expertise in Internet marketing. The top folks understand this and leverage it by creating their own personal brand. People align with you because they trust what you are saying and like your approach.

4. The Internet Web search tool is not the only technology you need to learn. Take time to learn the tools of the Internet marketing trade and bone up on leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs, viral videos, social media etc. Many of these tools are easy to use and free for you. The more you know, the greater your visibility.

5. You need a home office. While this does not need to be some major addition to your home, you need a quiet, dedicated place to work and think as an Internet marketer. And a laptop tossed on the dining room table does not cut it. Keep work and “life” separate to the extent you can.

6. It does not take years to grow substantial wealth. In traditional business, it can take five years or more to reach a point of profitability. Internet marketing can yield enormous profits in just a few months. The trick is to work with an Internet marketing industry expert and implement a great, time-tested Internet marketing system.

7. It does not need to cost a fortune. Some of the most successful Internet marketers started their businesses with little more than their computers and mobile phones. It is not essential to spend thousands on leads, products and technologies to be successful. Start small and invest in your Internet marketing business as profits allow.

The Internet marketing essentials shared here will (hopefully) provide the framework you need to get started and dispel a few myths. Internet marketing is an industry full of people who want to convince you they have the secrets to your success. What they do not tell you is that you can build substantial wealth with common sense and a little elbow grease.

Marketing Ideas and Interactive Marketing Products For Direct Mail

Response rates generated by promotional pop-up mailers are known to be far in excess of those created by bog-standard leaflets and flyers but what is it about pop-up mailers that make them such a success as direct mailing pieces? The answer lies in one word and that word is “interactive”. Here are some suggestions and ideas for interactive marketing products but first, I should perhaps try to define what I mean by interactive.

“Interactive” is one of those new words that is used a lot in marketing but what exactly is an interactive mailer or interactive marketing product? Let’s try this for an explanation – once the user has opened the promotional mailing pack and has experienced the surprise of the pop-up, the next thing to happen, almost inevitably, is that the pop-up mailer is put back in the pack and the user does it all over again! After that the pop-up mailer is put back in the pack once again and passed to an unsuspecting colleague. When I refer to promotional pop-ups as interactive mailers, that’s what I mean.

Pop-up mailers have a combination of positive attributes that are not always present in standard promotional print. Let’s look at automatic pop-up products as an example. Powered by rubber bands, the various pop-up items all bring with them the element of surprise which inevitably leads to laughter – so they are fun products. That fact alone already puts pop-up mailers higher up the league table that an A4 flyer.

However, not all interactive mailers have a pop-up action – but they still make very successful direct mail pieces. In these instances the interaction might be different but nonetheless, the reader will perform a level interaction with the marketing product which will make a very significant contribution to the success of the campaign.

There are many types of interactive mailers and each has something different to offer that gives them that something extra. It might be the fact that the product has a long desk top life such as promotional penholders, pen pots and desk tidies which stay on desktops for absolutely ages giving your message a very long exposure indeed. Cardboard-engineered pen pots are supplied flat in a size suitable to fit standard envelopes and are erected by one simple interactive push-up action that makes them a popular choice as a promotional mailer.

It could be that the movement fits perfectly with an advertising message. Take interactive marketing products that turn, for example. I don’t think that enough use is made of the humble eyelet in the design of promotional marketing products. The simple task of eyeletting can add car wheels that turn, steering wheels, turning hands on a clock, items that spin such as propellers – all kinds of things – and each with an interactive turning movement.

Another type of mailer has an interactive movement that makes pictures change. These promotional advertising products are known as dissolvers and are heaven-sent for a multitude of advertisers. The old classic theme of “before” and “after” pictures is brought up-to-date by these tremendously interactive advertising products. Absolutely everything is down to the smooth way in which, by the simple interactive pull of a card, the picture at the focus of all your attention changes from one scene to another.

Or how about interactive marketing products that jump. Promotional products in the “Jack in a box” or “Crackerjack” style offer much more of a surprise than you would ever imagine from the size of the pack. They have a very high and instant impact and are very successful at drawing attention to any campaign. Even when the person opening the pack knows exactly what is going to happen next you will see that they open the pack with some trepidation – being wary of the crackerjack effect.

Assuming that the advertising and marketing agencies have done their jobs well and assuming that the direct marketing team are sending the interactive mailer only to serious business-to-business sales prospects then you have a winning formula for a successful promotional mailing campaign.

Network Marketing – It’s Not About the Product, It’s About the People

Many people today who think about Network Marketing begin their journey by thinking that the most important thing to find is a company whose product(s) is the most wonderful product on the market. After all, everyone wants a winner when it comes to offering something to others.

No one would knowingly (if there are honest having integrity and character) want to offer a product they believe to be inferior to another on the market. After all, you would be hard pressed to offer something others would buy if your competition could say, “Yes, but we have blind testing that shows what we offer is a better buy for your dollars.”

This is what I mean. There is seldom a product so superior to another that it will stand alone, unchallenged by other products that either presently exist, or will come into existence in the near future. As network marketers we all believe that we offer value to our customers and potential business partners by offering a product that will stand the test of value to our community.

But no one should ever be so na├»ve as to think that what they offer is so much better than anyone else’s that there is no contest. In a free market society there is always the chance that someone somewhere will produce a better product. The best you can do is offer the consumer a product that has honest value at a fair market price.

I am involved in Health and Nutrition. My concern is for preventative healthcare, especially for the Baby Boomers (since I am one). I am always on the lookout for good nutritional value in products that appear on the market for my customers.

I recently read a review on a website that offered what the promoters believe to be an open and honest comparison of their product with four other products on the market. Each of the other products were names with which I am familiar except one (guess which one: bingo, the once touted as the best). The article said that each brand had been tested and that they offered similar results. Similar results in all areas except the most important area for the best nutritional value. Then came the claim that indisputable evidence demonstrated that “our product” has a better value than the others.

To demonstrate their fairness, they even told us which one of the other products came in second place. I am not complaining too much for the product which I represent was the “second choice.” I not sure if the comparison was “apples to apples but if it was it seems to me that it would be a choice between “gala apples” and “fuji apples.”

I am not saying that this is not an important part of marketing. It is. But what I would like for you to consider is that “the product is not what builds the business.” The business is built by “people.” To my knowledge no one has ever done a scientific study on the issue, but I suspect that if we were to conduct a survey, we would find that most people are connected to a Network Marketing Business (Home-based Business) because of a relative, friend, or someone in whom they have trust.

While products are important, they do not make or break a business. But people do. Trust, character, integrity, posture, are all of extreme importance if you want to build a business (any business), but especially a network marketing business.

Why would I say this? I say this because Network Marketing is Social Marketing. It is truly a “people driven business.” In times past it has been called “word of mouth” marketing (or advertising), but it boils down to the same thing. One person shares the product (program) with a friend, who in turn shares it with another, who shares it with another, and on it goes.

It’s just like a social gathering where someone says, “Have you heard…” and then the buzz goes around the room until many, if not everyone, has heard the story. But the success of the business is the “buzz” presented about the product, that builds the business.