Network Marketing – It’s Not About the Product, It’s About the People

Many people today who think about Network Marketing begin their journey by thinking that the most important thing to find is a company whose product(s) is the most wonderful product on the market. After all, everyone wants a winner when it comes to offering something to others.

No one would knowingly (if there are honest having integrity and character) want to offer a product they believe to be inferior to another on the market. After all, you would be hard pressed to offer something others would buy if your competition could say, “Yes, but we have blind testing that shows what we offer is a better buy for your dollars.”

This is what I mean. There is seldom a product so superior to another that it will stand alone, unchallenged by other products that either presently exist, or will come into existence in the near future. As network marketers we all believe that we offer value to our customers and potential business partners by offering a product that will stand the test of value to our community.

But no one should ever be so naïve as to think that what they offer is so much better than anyone else’s that there is no contest. In a free market society there is always the chance that someone somewhere will produce a better product. The best you can do is offer the consumer a product that has honest value at a fair market price.

I am involved in Health and Nutrition. My concern is for preventative healthcare, especially for the Baby Boomers (since I am one). I am always on the lookout for good nutritional value in products that appear on the market for my customers.

I recently read a review on a website that offered what the promoters believe to be an open and honest comparison of their product with four other products on the market. Each of the other products were names with which I am familiar except one (guess which one: bingo, the once touted as the best). The article said that each brand had been tested and that they offered similar results. Similar results in all areas except the most important area for the best nutritional value. Then came the claim that indisputable evidence demonstrated that “our product” has a better value than the others.

To demonstrate their fairness, they even told us which one of the other products came in second place. I am not complaining too much for the product which I represent was the “second choice.” I not sure if the comparison was “apples to apples but if it was it seems to me that it would be a choice between “gala apples” and “fuji apples.”

I am not saying that this is not an important part of marketing. It is. But what I would like for you to consider is that “the product is not what builds the business.” The business is built by “people.” To my knowledge no one has ever done a scientific study on the issue, but I suspect that if we were to conduct a survey, we would find that most people are connected to a Network Marketing Business (Home-based Business) because of a relative, friend, or someone in whom they have trust.

While products are important, they do not make or break a business. But people do. Trust, character, integrity, posture, are all of extreme importance if you want to build a business (any business), but especially a network marketing business.

Why would I say this? I say this because Network Marketing is Social Marketing. It is truly a “people driven business.” In times past it has been called “word of mouth” marketing (or advertising), but it boils down to the same thing. One person shares the product (program) with a friend, who in turn shares it with another, who shares it with another, and on it goes.

It’s just like a social gathering where someone says, “Have you heard…” and then the buzz goes around the room until many, if not everyone, has heard the story. But the success of the business is the “buzz” presented about the product, that builds the business.

Construction Marketing

As a contractor, if you don’t have a direct response system in place, you are leaving cash on the table. For absolutely every contact you have with any individual who could be a prospect or who might even know someone someday who might need your services, YOU NEED A DIRECT RESPONSE SYSTEM OR YOU ARE MISSING THE BOAT.

What is “direct response” you ask? It’s pretty simple. You have to have a valuable offer, and a specific call to action. The worst mistake most contractors make is they hand new prospects their business card and then just cross their fingers. If you haven’t noticed: Business cards and other marketing materials are very easy to ignore, lose, and throw away. And websites are even easier to escape. Just click away, right?

This is true unless you have a killer direct response OFFER, and a CALL TO ACTION. This works so well it’s ridiculous. And it’s so simple. Yet few construction companies use it. I don’t know why. I just throw up my hands on that one. For example, a free report could be your offer. Then you could have more products and services available for sale to people who want more of what you have to offer.

Your call to action? Ask people to get on your email list to get more valuable info. Can you do a free report? Sure. Are there other options that might work better for a construction company? The possibilities are endless.

Let me share some examples of direct response techniques that have worked in the past:

One builder I know of has been offering a free hot tub with the purchase of a new home. This may sound like an expensive method. But the cost of this method can be justified by building some of it into the cost of the home.

There are also some high impact, inexpensive methods you can use to create a compelling offer. Personally, I use an offer for a free information-packed report. I advertise this report on my business card, my website, and any other publication or marketing piece which will reach my target prospect.

One marketing area where this works very well is direct mail. With direct mail, depending on your goals and costs, you should aim for at least a 5% to 10% response. This means with every 100 letters or postcards you send, you get 5 to 10 phone calls. For the typical construction company, a 5% to 10% response rate would be very effective and make direct mail a worthwhile endeavor for your business. It’s possible, with good copywriting and a great call to action, to get 20% response rate or more!

Using an offer and a call to action in your direct mail piece can mean the difference between no response and a response that will land you enough projects to keep you busy for months.

These Are The Best Sunglasses To Pick

If you have a round face, then it’s important to find sunglasses in Sri Lankathat will create an illusion of length. This can be done by choosing frames that are wider than they are tall and/or those with angular lines rather than rounded ones.

If you want to get sunglasses online in Sri Lanka that will minimize your face’s width, then choose a pair with wider lenses and frames that have a dramatic shape. Look for aviator or teardrop-shaped frames, as these tend to be slimmer than other options. A great style is cat eye sunglasses because they’re very angular and narrow at the top while gradually getting wider toward the bottom which makes them look less rounded on your face. Another popular option is wayfarer glasses, although if they aren’t made slim enough it can make your face seem even more circular so this isn’t necessarily ideal unless you seek out vintage models from brands like Ray Ban who crafted their designs in such a way as to suit any shaped face.

If you have a round face, stay away from women’s and men’s sunglasses in Sri Lanka that are very large or heavy. Frames should be narrow with sharp angles to make your face look slimmer and more angular while still complementing your features. Try on different pairs of sunglasses until you find one that looks great on you. A good rule of thumb is that if the lenses are larger than your eyes, they will look too big for your face so test out smaller frames first before moving onto bigger ones. If the frame rests above the top line of your cheekbones it’s also going to add unnecessary weight which can amplify how circular they appear making them not ideal for anyone with this facial shape either.